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K-n-H Ranch * Purebred Lamancha & Nubian Dairy Goats*

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Goats Milk Soap

Swiss Style Dairy Goat

Ripple Bars

We have made a new website dedicate just to our soaps.
High quality vegetable & essential oils along with pure beef tallow and goat milk soaps that feel & lather as good as they smell- or is it smell as good as they feel?    In many fragrances and shapes sure to please that guy or gal in your life-  or just to pamper yourself :O).
KD in Oregon says her husband won't use any other soap!
It has traveled around the world now and enjoyed by many.
***  We now have a receipe just for the folks that don't want any animal fats in thier soap.  Contact us for more detials and find out what we currently have in stock *** To order or ask questions just click here


Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good
and through him ALL things are possible