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K-n-H Ranch * Purebred Lamancha & Nubian Dairy Goats*

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Lamancha Does - Milkers

Xianne Yakima 2010 - 3 YO

 SG Rockin-CB LSP Xianne 3*M
L1404923 Dob: 2/17/07
   s- ++*B SGCH Lucky Star's QK Pinnacle (LA-93EEE)
ss-++*B SGCH Quixote Kate's Kareem
              (LA 90VEE) -Elite Sire
sd-Lucky*Star's QM New Age
  d- 2*M GCH Rockin-CB Soon Nolana (LA-92)
ds-+*B SGCH Windysprings Monsoon (LA-91EEE)
dd-1*M Rockin-CB K Snapdragon
LA: 2010 - 3-00 (3YO) VVEE90
       2011 - 4-00 (4 YO) EVEE 90
       2012 - (5 YO)VVEV 88
       2013 - Perm.Score VEEE 90 
2014 - in progress -
238 DIM 2,240 Lbs. BF:73(3.26%) P-66 (2.95%)
2013 - 293 DIM 2,350 Lbs. BF:96 (4.1%) P-73 (3.1%)
2012 - 280 DIM 2,560 Lbs. BF:96 (3.76%) P-83 (3.25%)
2011- 249 DIM: 2,690 Lbs. BF 100 (3.72%) P 84 (3.12%)
2010 - 312 DIM: 2,930 Lbs./117BF/99P
She was in contention for a place on the Top Ten List every year and comes so close.....
Current Lifetime: 16,720 Lbs / BF647/P538
See her on the move at the NWDGA Show June 2011
Xianne is surely one of my favorite goats.  She is the sweetest most consistant goat I have. She has two legs towards her championship and always standing in the top 5 places at any show attended.We have a few daughters in the herd as well.
Xianne has be bred to Bogart for February 2015 kids -  
Accepting deposits -doe kids $400 Bucks $500

Zhanna - 2 years old

SG Lucky*Star's LOT Zhanna 5*M L1470911
Dob: 03/01/09
s- +*B SGCH Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill
(LA 91 - Elite Sire)
ss- ++*B SG Kastdemur's Bad Rap
sd- 9*M SGCH Little Orchard PL Pure Joy
d- 4*M GCH Lucky*Star's AV Xiang - Elite (LA: )
ds- +B Altrece AP Very Berry (LA88)
dd- 3*M Lucky*Star's QM Vision Stone (LA85)
LA: 2012 - VEVE90
       2013 - VEEV88
       2014 - VEEE90
Milk: In Progress 2014
- 239 DIM 2,740 Lbs. BF:81 (2.95%) P-80 (2.92%)
2013 - 206 DIM 2,070 Lbs. BF:61 (2.9%) P-65 (3.1%)
2012 - 250 DIM - 2,350 Lbs. BF 2.9%/P-3.1%
2011 - 272 DIM - 2,680 Lbs. BF3.4%/P-3.1%
2010 - 324 DIM - 2,600 Lbs. BF3.7%/P-3.1%
Current Lifetime: 12,450-BF400/P384
Highest milk test: 14.8 lbs.
What a beautiful addtion from the Lucky*Star Herd.
Photos given courtesy of the LS farm - Please check out thier wesite and genetics at:
Zhanna is scheduled to be bred to Bogart for 2015 kids
(First doeling will be retained / Accepting Deposits on Doelings $400/Bucklings $500)

Asia - Dry Yearling 2011
June Show - Spokane 2011 - Res. Grand

K-n-H Ranch YSL Asia 6*M DOB:02/23/10 L1507222  

s- +*B Rockin-CB LSX Yves St. Laurent (LA-89VEE)
ss-*B SGCH Lucky*Star's LOT Xchange (LA88VEE)
sd-4*M GCH Rockin-CB RA Sixpence (LA 91VEEE)
d- 5*M  K-n-H Ranch SW Xaomein (LA 90VEEE)
ds-*B SG Fir Meadow Soon Sweet Woodruff (LA93)
dd-4*M SG Rockin-CB LSP Riviera (LA 91EVEV)
LA: 2013 - EEEE91
       2012 - V+EE 87
YSA: 2011 EC overall
Milk: 2014 - DRY
2013 - DIM:264 - 2,590 Lbs. BF: 95 (3.7%) P:85 (2.69%)

2012 - DIM:275 - 2,070 Lbs. BF-69 (3.3%) P:69 (3.3%)

Current Lifetime: 4,660 lbs. BF:164 P:154

Highest milk test: 12.4 Lbs.


We know this photo may not do her justice... but...
What a beautiful carbon copy of her dam...  She certainly exceeded our hopes to freshens with a nice udder. This little girl is very exciting and following right in her dam's footsteps - Taking 3 Res Grands at her first 3-ring show as a dry yearling. She continues on to be standing in the Final line up at most of the shows this year.  She is a sleek traditional doe with beautiful dark brown eyes. We have retained her doe kid - China Doll in the herd and have similar expectations.

Asia has been bred to Bogart for Feb. 2014 Kids - First doeling may be retained, Accepting Reservations for doelings $400/Bucklings $500  

K-n-H Ranch FMA Be M'Valentine DOB:02/04/11 L1547589

S: Fir Meadow VAL Agape

ss: +*B SGCH Fir Meadow Valiant (Elite Sire)

sd: Kastdemur's Its Good to be Bad (Colorama Sale Doeling)

D: K-n-H Ranch SW Zabiana

ds: +*B SG Fir Meadow Soon Sweet Woodruff (Elite Sire)

dd: SG K-n-H Ranch LSV Wichita 5*M (LA90)


LA: 2014 VEEV89

2012 YSA: V-EC-V - V overall

This is a beautiful chocolate colored pinto doeling with a cute heart shaped marking on her rear flank.
she is tall and eligant as she walks. She was injured as a yearling and does not go to shows anymore, but she is beautiful and throws some kids kids.
 She has been bred to Bogart for March 2015 kids - We may retain first Choice - Accepting Reservations Doelings $350/ Bucks $450

SG K-n-H Ranch FMA Bali 7*M DOB:04/01/11 L1565733

S: Fir Meadow VAL Agape

ss: +*B SGCH Fir Meadow Soon Valiant (Elite)

sd: Kastedemur's Its Good to Be Bad (Colorama Sale doe)

D: 6*M SG K-n-H Ranch YSL Zerconia (LA87VVV)

ds:+ *B Rockin-CB LSX Yves St.Laurent (LA88)

dd: 5*M SG Lucky*Star's QK Star Search (LA90)


LA: 2012 VV+E88 (Yearling Milker)

Milk - Final 2012 - 197DIM - 1,760 Lbs. / BF- 3.53% / P-2.9%


This cute little two-toned chocolate colored doeling is fun to have. She is often picked out when visitors come to see the herd. She wants your undivided attention and full of vigor.

She has one of the nicest udders in the herd and milks like her dam - Zerconia.  She was 1st udder in her class in almost every show.  

Bred To: Bogart for Late April 2013 Kids - Accepting Deposits doelings $300 / bucks $500

Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good
and through him ALL things are possible