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LM Bucks

Aslan with his Companion Ceaser
Summer 2011 - Yearling LaMancha Buck

*** Check me out on UTUBE. ****  Appraisal Day June 2011***
clip on this link...
Lucky*Star's RY Aslan *B  L1511670  DOB:03/17/10
s- *B Rockin-CB KTL Yreka L1458985 (Elite)
ss - +*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach L1352109 (Elite)
sd-  3*M SGCH Rockin-CB LSP Vinca L1330289
D - 6*M Lucky*Star's LOT Yodel L1437260 (
ds - +*B SGCH Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill L1290537 (Elite)
dd - 5*M GCH Lucky*Star's QM Prismea L1189959             
This guy has one of the nicest front end assemblies I have yet to see.  He is long tall and upright.  The apprasier just raved about this guy, he said surely he will go Excellent next year as a 2 year old. We hope he can improve a few things around here. We have a few doe kids in the herd now and look forward to to see how they turn out as milkers.  We have used him again for 2012 crop kids and will have some for sale.... just send us an e-mail request or to send a deposit.
He is standing stud and can be used on approved does.
We know the still photo is not the greatest - follow the link to Utube to see him on the move.

Bogart - Young LaMancha Buck - Fall 2011
Lucky*Star's TA Bogart

Lucky*Star's TA Bogart *B L1551419 DOB:02/19/111
s- *B Tempo Apolo Ohno  L1509810 (ADGA Young Sire List)
ss - +*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach L1352109
            (LA 88VEE -Elite)
sd- 5*M SGCH Tempo Hannah L1389780 (LA90EEEV) 
D - 4*M Lucky*Star's LOT Vivian (LA 93) L1333880
ds - +*B SGCH Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill L1290537
            (LA VVE88-Elite)
dd - 3*M GCH Lucky*Star's Natural Raquel L1223939 (LA90) 
YSA: + - V - V - + Overall
Well Vivan (his dam) going LA93 after we bought this guy was a bonus!  Infact Judy said we are going to to have to adjust his price now.   We feel this guy is in a growth stage and going to be a very large and correct buck, so don't let that YSA score sway your decision.  We know this still photo is not his best, hope to get a Utube video up soon so you can see him on the move.  This guy is long and level and we hope to see that on some doe kids come Spring (2012).  We will likley have some for sale.... just send us an e-mail request or to send a deposit.

K-n-H Ranch YSL Baron Von Rock L1550088 DOB:02/09/11
(2012 ADGA young Sire List) 
s - *B Rockin-CB LSX Yves St. Laurent L1439317 (LA89)
ss- +*B GCH Lucky*Star's Lot Exchange L1400216
sd - 4*M GCH Rockin-CB RA Sixpence L12662745
d - 3*M SG Rockin-CB LSP Tamika (LA91EVEE) L1313895
ds - +B SGCH Lucky*Star's QK Pinnacle (LA93) L1188015 
dd - 2*M GCH Rockin-CB Soon Nolina (LA92EEEE) L1153306
YSA: 2011- V-V-V -V Overall
We asked Tamika to give us a girl to keep, but she gave us boys again.  soo....  we have given into the idea that we are supposed to keep a buck.  So here he is.  Tamika is the most solid doe in my herd at seven years old she is standing on good feet and legs as well as a soild attached udder.  We hope these traits along with the milk and refinement from Yves that we will add some good things to our offspring. 
** Rock has been sold and gone to his new home now, but we do have some does bred to this buck and look forward to thier arrival ***


Rockin-CB LSX Yves. St.Laurent.  L1439317 DOB:02/11/08
s- *B GCH Lucky*Star's Lot Exchange L1400216
ss - +*B SG Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill L1290537
sd- SG 5*M Lucky*Star's QM Teedledee L1288294
d - 4*M GCH Rockin-CB RA Sixpence L12662745
ds - +*B Rockin-CB QM Ramadan
dd - 3*M Rockin-CB 3D Pennyroyal L1182454
LA 2009: 89
LA 2010 VEE 88
He has fashion designed us some beautiful new Does.
He is still pictured here as a reference. He no longer resides at our farm.

Fir Meadow VAL Agape   L1512410  DOB:03/14/10
** DNA Typed *** ADGA Sire Development Program ***
s- +*B Fir Meadow Soon Valiant L1348905 (LA91EEE/Elite)
ss - +*B SGCH WindySpringsMoonsoon (LA91EEE)
sd-  3*M SGCH Calico-Bluffs Tuckers Blondie (LA90VEEE)
D - Kastdemur's Its Good To Be Bad L1439510
      (ADGA Spolight Sale doeling 2009)
ds - *B Kastdemur's Watch Yourself L1371499 (LA-90EEE)
dd - 1*M Kastdemur's Bad Habits L1078810 (LA-90EEVE)
YSA: V Overall
He is shown here as a reference.
This cute little chocolate pinto kid was a special purchase from my good friend Kat Drovdahl.  He was a personaility plus! We did get a few doelings before we lost him in the Spring of 2011.

Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good
and through him ALL things are possible