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K-n-H Ranch * Purebred Lamancha & Nubian Dairy Goats*

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Reference Page

This page is dedicated to our LaMancha does that are no longer part of the herd.  The information is retained for informational purposes.

Riviera - 5YO

SG Rockin-CB LSP Riviera 4*M L1230591 dob 1/28/02
  s- +B SGCH Lucky Star's QK Pinnacle 5- LA 93EEE
ss-++*B SGCH Quixote Kate's Kareem LA 90
sd-Lucky*Star's QM New Age
  d- 5-K's Fi Fi 3*M
ds-*B Rockin-CB Kahlua
dd-5-K's Cuchi Cuchi 2*M
LA: 2007 - 5YO  EVEV 91
LA: June 2008 Final Score EEEE91

Star Search - 6YO

SG Lucky*Star's QK Star Search 5*M dob:01/19/03
s- ++*B SGCH Quixote Kate's Kareem
ss- ++*B GCH Quixote Mela's Fidel
sd-2*M Quixote Anakate
d-4*M SG Lucky*Star's C Fanciful
ds- +*B Me's Ranch Alex Check Mate
dd- 3*M SGCH Lucky*Star's Y Bewitched
LA: June 2008 VEEE 90  Final Score

Xeomenin 2010

K-n-H Ranch SW Xaomein 5*M L1407987
Dob: 3/03/07
s- *B Fir Meadow Soon Sweet Woodruff
(LA VEE90 Elite Sire)
ss-+*B SGCH Windysprings Monsoon (LA-91EEE)
sd-1*M SGCH Lucky*Star's QK Nasturium
d- 4*M SG Rockin-CB LSP Riviera (LA91)
ds-+*B SGCH Lucky*Star's QK Pinnacle (LA93)
dd- 3*M 5-K's Fi Fi
LA: 2010 2-11 (3YO) VEEE90
2011 4.00 (4YO) VVVV87
Milk: Freshened 03/04/11
In progress 2011 - 136 DIM - 1,540 Lbs. BF 54(3.52%)P-54(3.06%)
2010 - Final 312 DIM: 315 -2,670 Lbs. BF-107 P-86
Xeomein had a very exciting jr. doeling year acheving 3XGCH, 1 XRGC and BJDIS. She is still a very correct sr. doe with a facny wide arch. I would only correct a few things about the udder if I could. In any case she milks well, and a very worthy brood doe as her daughters are beuatiful. We have retained her '10 Daughter (Asia)

 SG Rockin-CB LSP Tamika 3*M
L1313895 Dob: 5/25/04
  s- ++*B SGCH Lucky Star's QK Pinnacle (LA-93EEE)
ss-++*B SGCH Quixote Kate's Kareem
          (LA 90VEE -Elite Sire)
sd-Lucky*Star's QM New Age
  d- 2*M GCH Rockin-CB Soon Nolina (LA-92EEEE)
ds-+*B SGCH Windysprings Monsoon (LA-91EEE)
dd- 1*M Rockin-CB K Snapdragon
LA: Final Score EVEE91
Life Time: 11,070 Lbs. - BF-455 P-356

SG K-n-H Ranch YSL Zerconia 6*M L1480516
Dob: 02/18/09
  s- +*B Rockin-CB LSX Yves St. Laurent (LA-89VEE)
ss- *B SGCH Lucky*Star's LOT Exchange(LA 88VEE )
sd- 4*M GCH Rockin-CB RA Sixpence (LA 91VEEE)
  d- 5*M SG Lucky*Star's QK Star Search (LA-90VEEE)
ds-++*B SGCH Quixote Kate's Kareem (LA-90VEE)
dd- 4*M SG Lucky*Star's C Fanciful
LA: 2010 +++V83 (Yearling)
       2011 VVVV87 (2 Y0)
       2012 VEEE 90 (3 YO)
Milk: 2012
2012 Final - 256DIM - 2680 Lbs./3.47%BF/2.95%P 
2011 Final - 275DIM - 2660 Lbs./3.3 %BF/3%P
2010 Final: 2,800 Lbs. / 103 BF(3.6%) 88 P (3.1%)
Highest milk test: 13 Lbs.
Current Lifetime: 8140 Lbs/BF284/P247
Our little diamond in the rough.  She is similar to her dam in general appearance and structure. She just keeps improving with maturity and still milks like crazy.  We had her out to a couple shows this year and she was consistently standing towards the top of her class.  We will continue to watch this one.  We have some daughters in the herd who proven to milk well too. 

SG Lucky*Star's RY Amelia 8*M   

DOB:03/16/10  L1511317

S: *B Rockin-CB KTL Yreka (Elite)

ss: +*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach (LA-88VEE Elite)

sd:  3*M SGCH Rockin-CB LSP Vinca (LA-91EEEE)


D: 7*M Lucky*Star's AV A-Yah 

ds: +B Altrece AP Very Berry (LA88)

dd:6*M SGCH Lucky*Star's QM A-Resting (LA-92EEEE)


YSA: V overall

2011: VV++84 (Yearling)




Final 2012 - DIM 260 - 2,580 Lbs. / BF 3.3% / P2.8%

Final 2011 - DIM 261 - 1,650 Lbs./ BF 3.3% / P3.0%

Highest Milk Test 11.2 Lbs.

Current Lifetime Total: 4,230 Lbs. /BF137/P122


See her on the move - Utube Video at the Spokane NWDGA Show - Yealring Milker - June 2011 - Click on the link


This is a beautiful addtion for the Lucky*Star Farm.  She freshened with a beautiful udder. Nice wide and easy to milk. She is eager to please and a pleasure to work with.

Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good
and through him ALL things are possible