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K-n-H Ranch * Purebred Lamancha & Nubian Dairy Goats*

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Recorded Grades

2*M Alder*Rose Mercius Polar Bear 
ADGA Reg. No. E1542396
DOB: 01/04/11
  S- Ranea Mercius (Saanen)
ss- Loughlin's Sly Like a Fox
sd- Ranea Lladro Mercia
  D- 1*M Alder*Rose Tank Zoot Suit Riot
ds- *B Tempo Titanic
dd- SG Tempo Zuka
LA: 2014  - VEEE90
Milk: 2014 (in Progress) DIM: 241
         3,240 Lbs. FB 3.42% (111 Lbs.) &P 2.84% (92 Lbs.)
2013 -Dry
2012 - Complete DIM: 259 - 2,070 lbs. BF:78 P:65
I always wanted a SaanaMancha.  We sure were excited to pick-up this beautiful doe from the Alder*Rose Farm.  She is a true Dairy Goat.  She is an Easy Keeper, milksup a storm and easily raises to the top of her class at any show attended. She has taken a few Grands, BOB, Res. Grands and Best Udder of Breed.  She only needs one more Grand placing to win her final championship title.  I would not be surprised if she achieves championship and Top Ten next year (2015)  Watch this one!   Bred to Bogart for January 2015 Kids Accepting Reservations - Does $350 / Buckling $450  

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